Can't Make It to Us? We Will Come to You in Your Time of Crisis!

A simple Phone call starts the process of returning your loved one to you.

The first step is to find out what charges the induvial is facing and if a bail has been set yet. Depending on the crime, in most cases, bail is set when the persons is booked into the Jail.

With more serious crimes bail might be set at their arraignment the following morning of arrest. With over 30 years of combined experience, and by helping 1000’s of clients, we guide you through the process.

When you contact us, we will only need the person’s name and jail they are being held at. From there we prepare the paperwork and come to you to sign for the induvial and collect the 10% fee. This can also be done over the phone for out of state clients.

Each Jail and situation is different on the amount of time it takes for your loved one gets released. So the faster we start the process the faster they GET OUT.

WE ARE HERE FOR YOU 24/7 GIVE US A CALL AT: 239-277-5747